PHOTO PROJECT: Edit John’s Photo

Photo by John Huson

OK then, here we go! After a few weeks of photo submissions and voting, we're finally kicking off another project here on Epic Edits. This project doesn't require you to pick up the camera — instead, you'll want to sharpen your post-processing skills.

The photo being used in this project is property of John Huson. Please see the bit at the end of this post for more information on usage rights.


We've done this type of project once before, but the basic concept is to begin with the same unprocessed photo and have many people edit (post-process) as they wish. It's an interesting experiment and the results are usually pretty exciting because everybody has a slightly different vision of what the final photo should look like.

If you haven't heard of this type of project before, be sure to check out previous projects hosted by Epic Edits, LeggNet's Digital Capture, CameraPorn, and Phill Price. And if you're in need of some post-processing inspiration/education, make sure you look into my Photoshop Tips archive and my Delicious Photoshop bookmarks.


We'll make this as easy as possible for you, but there are still a few steps you'll need to take in order to participate correctly.

    I don't want to host a full-res unprocessed photo on the web, so head over to my Contact Page and shoot me an email asking for the file. Tell me if you want the RAW (7.5MB) or JPG (4.4MB) version, and be sure that your email can handle it.
    Post-process the photo however you want. There are no limitations to what you can do (crop, composite, b/w, xpro, etc.). Just get creative and have some fun.
    Downsize your final image to 800px or smaller and publish it on the web somewhere — it would also be nice to see how you processed the image, so tell us a little about what you did. Be sure to give the John Huson credit for the photo (I'm sure he'd appreciate a link too). And don't forget to tell your audience where they too can participate in such a great project. If you need instruction on self-publication, I've got you covered. And if you have absolutely no options for self-publication, you can send me the 800px file and I'll post those together shortly before the deadline.
    Once the deadline passes and everybody has their entries in to me, I'll pull things together and post the results. I should also add that it's beneficial to get the project done sooner than later because entries will be posted in the order they are received (plus it helps to spread the word).

Let's limit one entry per participant just in case we get a lot of people doing this. So if you do multiple edits, send me the link to your best one.


[UPDATE 10-17-2009] Time's up for entries! I'm no longer handing out the file and/or accepting project entries. Stay tuned for the final results on 10-19-2009.

The photo being used in this project is property of John Huson, a wedding photographer out of Washington state. He submitted the image for use in the project, you guys chose it via a poll, and he provided the full resolution image file. John retains the full copyright to the image, but he has given permission for use in the context of this project — so long as resulting photos are published at no more than 800px on the long edge. So in other words, you can use it but you don't own it.