Seeking Photos for an Upcoming Project

I've been pretty lazy for the last few months, and I'm feeling like the community aspect of Epic Edits has been drifting (which is my own fault). So I'm thinking we should do another project to bring everyone back together and get things rolling again. I have an idea for this project… but I need your help.

A long time ago, we did the “Edit My Photo” project where I gave you an unprocessed raw image and you were asked to process it as you saw fit. We had a good turnout with 28 entries, all of which were very creative and drastically different. I think everyone was pretty impressed with the diversity and quality of the results.

Several months later, I participated in similar projects at,, and — these all link to the project results pages where you can see my entry along with entries from the other participants. Each time, it was a big hit and everybody was quite happy with the entries.

I want to do it again — but I want to mix it up a little bit. Instead of editing one of MY photos, we're going to edit one of YOUR photos. We'll call it the “Edit Your Photo Project”. And by YOU, I mean ONE of you. We'll do this in two parts: in the first part we'll decide which photo to use for the project, and in the second part we'll all process that one photo in any way we'd like.

So if you'd like to have your photo considered to be “the one”, leave a link or embedded image in the comments of this post. I'd prefer to see an unprocessed image, but it's not totally necessary. After about a week, I'll pick out a handful of them and put them up for a vote. Whichever photo wins the election, we'll use it as the basis for part two of the project (so you'll need to have a full-res unprocessed photo available, and you'll need to be willing to hand it out to complete strangers).

By entering your photo, you understand that we could possibly use the photo for this project and participants will receive a full resolution copy of the image. You will retain full copyright of the image, but you'll be granting permission to project participants for displaying their derivative works online only for the purpose of this project — nothing else.