May Roundup

Another month has passed us by and you know what that means! MONTHLY ROUNDUP!!! May was a great month, filled with lots of new relationships forming among the online photography community. It seems like everybody either participated in or hosted their own project this month, thus strengthening the sense of community among photographers and bloggers.

I want to say “Thank You” to everybody who has stuck around, to all the new people I've formed relationships with, and to all the commenters and bloggers who have shown their support. If you're a new reader within the last month, I'd like to say “Welcome!” to the blog! Check out some of the frequent commenters, blogs in the blogroll, and anybody I mention in my posts — they're a good group of people with a lot of knowledge on the topic of photography.

Also for you newbies (and those of you lacking long-term memory), here are some of the more interesting posts from the last month.

  • Photography Sites From My Readers: The results of my first photography blog project — a listing of photography blogs, photoblogs, and galleries from my readers.
  • Interview With Paul O' Connor: Paul O’ Connor is the mastermind behind a new photography resource called photographyVoter. The site modeled after digg, but with a strict focus on photography.
  • My Top 5 Sources of Inspiration in Photography: These are the things that inspire me to take and make photos: accomplishments of mankind, beauty of nature, other photographers, challenge, and my kids.
  • My Favorite Photo and Background Story: This is my favorite photo, the story behind it, why it was taken, how it was composed, and why I like it so much.
  • Lens Hoods Are A Good Thing: My personal experience and advice on why you should always use your lens hood while taking photos. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  • photographyVoter FeedFlare and Bookmark Icons: Three options for integrating the photographyVoter social bookmarking link into your blog posts – options for feeds AND site content. Also updated to give you options for social bookmarking straight from your browser.
  • Filling Your Photography Jar: My thoughts on filling the photography jar with the things that are important to me. This is how I rank each aspect of my hobby.
  • Self Critique Of My Best Flower Photo: A self critique of my best macro flower photo. This is part of a project hosted by Mike Brown at Macro Art In Nature.
  • Equipment Options For Macro Photography: A description of the various options for macro photography camera equipment. See their pros and cons and learn how they are used for different effects.

And of course, don't forget to check out the April Roundup and March Roundup!

I'll be traveling for the next 10 days, so keep your eyes peeled for some trip-photos. First, I'm heading back home with the kids to North Idaho to visit the family. My Dad's all excited to have me go out shooting with him and teach him a few things about photography. Then I'm off to Monterrey in Mexico for a business trip — I'll have all my camera gear with me though, so I'll try to break free for a while and get some good shots. The kids will stay in Idaho for a while and I'll come back to New Jersey to start packing up the house for our move to San Diego in July — new job! Should be fun!