16 Examples of Extraordinary Model Portraits

My near-future adventure into the world of photographing models has my gears turning, and I've been looking for examples of extraordinary model portraits. A lot of stuff I found out there is somewhat generic with lighting and pose — and maybe because that's what works for the client. But as an art photographer, I felt a little empty with that kind of stuff. So I went in search of some extraordinary model photography.

What I found was that I'm most attracted to the portraits that stand out from the rest. The really unique stuff. I also found that the unique qualities can come from either the models themselves or the photographers. And when you combine a unique and talented model with a unique and talented photographer, you get magic.

The following selection of photos come from a mix of professional and amateur photographers. The models in the shots might also be a mix of professionals, amateurs, friends, and even the photographer taking the photo. Do note: a couple of the photos below are quite informal and the subject is not a model, but I included them because they are good examples of what could be done in a formal portrait situation.

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Day One Hundred Forty One
photo credit: Dustin Diaz

photo credit: Luc D

First time with a Hasselblad
photo credit: Carlo Nicora

photo credit: checkmezov

Andreas Tilliander Makes His Move
photo credit: Aeioux

Her Tangible Dream •.
photo credit: Felipe Morin

Jesús Hidalgo10
photo credit: Esther Marí

mallard pinup
photo credit: MadMannequin

{ you're the only one !! }
photo credit: graphistolage

Coleção Geometologia - Neandro Ferreira
photo credit: André-Batista

photo credit: Akbar Simonse

photo credit: Carolina Parragué

The third eye
photo credit: Tywak

Collab5 (Picture II)
photo credit: TNT Photo

Oriol Lopez Sanchez 01 © studio.es
photo credit: Vincent Boiteau

Let The Curtain Come Down
photo credit: Gabriela Camerotti

Do you have any good examples of model portraits or other posed portraits? Feel free to drop your photos into the comments below. And if you have any favorites from fellow photographers, leave a link so we can check it out!