The Lowdown on Getting Down and Low

Hostile Takeover

I felt really bad for not participating in Neil Creek's last photography project, so I was determined to make it up to him and participate in his current project titled “The View From Below”. I would have liked to participated a lot sooner than right before the deadline, but something is better than nothing I suppose.

The goal for this project is to take a photo from a low perspective (with the camera under 12 inches from the ground). It's a great exercise because we typically don't lower our cameras that far. It's unfortunate because there are a ton of missed opportunities from down there. I took many shots for this project while laying on the ground, but the mushroom shot above came out best.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have taken a photo of some common mushrooms in the grass — but getting down to their level changed the perspective so drastically. The ONLY reason I took this shot was because I was thinking of the project. I wish it didn't take a project to remind me to get down on the ground every once in a while, but it was a great reminder and lesson in composition and perspective.

So whether you participate in Neil's project or not, try to remind yourself that standing up or kneeling down aren't the only ways to take a photo. Glance down at your feet every once in a while and see what's down there. If you see an interesting scene in front of you, see what it looks like from ground level. And remember that the things you normally look down onto will appear completely different and new when you look up at them.

smirk-240.jpg carving-from-below-240.jpg the-old-man-240.jpg