Images that connect, mastering composition, macros and more…

In today's wrap up there are a couple of philosophical questions posed in capturing images that make a connection and mastering photography. We also look at tips and tricks on trying out macro photography, a guide to great composition and remembering that a part of landscape photography, often missed, is the sky.

So put your feet up and enjoy the collection.

Become a Better Photographer and Capture Images that Connect – With thousands of photos being taken everyday and uploaded to the web, social media and instagram, the question arises, how do you capture images that connect? In this piece we see this question posed to 5 experts in the field to understand how to capture those images that resonate.

focused photo of a snow flake
Photo by Aaron Burden

How extension tubes compare to expensive macro lenses – Macro photography is amazing and many of us what to give it a try, but buying a dedicated macro lens is perhaps not in the budget. Extension tubes are cheaper options that can give you similar results, but how do they really compare with an actual lens?

3 Tips How to Master Photography – Ultimately, the goal of any photographer is to embrace everything that this art-form has to offer – it is our creative outlet and the way many of us express the way we see the world. Here are 3 insightful tips on how to master photography.

Directing the light through vignettes – A good composition is about directing the viewer through the image. And one of the many ways that effective photographers do this is by directing the light. Vignettes are a powerful tool in doing this. And best of all, you can do this using your phone!

snow mountain under stars
Photo by Benjamin Voros

7 Tips for Landscape Composition Photographers Often Forget – Great composition in landscape photographs is something all landscape devotees strive to achieve. In this article, an area of landscape photography that is often overlooked is brought to the fore – that is the sky! Here are seven tips based around composition embracing all the sky has to offer.

How to Fix Overexposed Photos: The Ultimate Guide – This piece offers a guide to different methods to fix overexposed photos. This guide offers options that include quick fixes to more advanced solutions using a variety of post-processing programs out there.

closeup photo of purple petaled flowers
Photo by Mister Starman

32 Photography Compositions To Master| Complete Guide – This guide gives you an overview of composition and details 32 rules and techniques that will help you when it comes to taking creative shots.

When it comes to learning photography, there are some rudimentary rules and skills that everyone needs to understand quickly if they are going to start producing great images. If you want to take your photography to the next level, then take a look at Understanding Composition