Link Roundup 07-13-2009

Lots of great photography links from the last few weeks!

  • Paper cctv music video
    Cool concept of using public security cameras for recording a music video. (found via Chase Jarvis)
  • The Future of Photography as predicted in 1944
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    An amusing and insightful read on the “future” of photography. Interesting to see the predictions that came true and those that didn't. (found via Ed Zawadzki)
  • 20 Beautiful Images that Work – Because of Symmetry
    Beyond Phototips
    Symmetry is a great way to make your compositions stand out. Here are some good examples that utilize this method.
  • How To Photograph Your Beach Vacation
    Your Photo Tips
    The beach is a typical vacation destination. So here are some good tips for photographing your next beach outing.
  • 10 Tips to Photograph the Unexpected
    JMG Galleries
    Spontaneous moments are often the most exciting and most difficult to photograph. Here are a few tips to help you photograph the unexpected.
  • 49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects
    Are you a DIY'er? Here's a great list of projects that require minimal investment with a huge return!
  • Photojojo’s Guide to Kodachrome
    Long live Kodachrome!!! … or maybe not. Regardless, here's a good list of links and resources associated with this soon-to-be-extinct film.
  • 20 Effective Reflection Photos
    digital Photography School
    Reflections are another great way to spice-up your compositions. Here are a few inspirational examples!
  • Top 10 Most Influential Nature Photographers of All-Time
    Richard Wong
    My pal Richard put together a list of amazing nature photographers. These top 10 are definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.
  • 7 Digital Photography Blogs Everyone Should Read
    Your Photo Tips
    Want to learn about digital photography? Check out this small list of essential photography blogs. I've been a subscriber to each of these 7 for quite some time.
  • Let's Make A Pinhole Polaroid Camera
    Pinholes are awesome because you can make them from inexpensive materials… and they work! Here's a neat example of a Polaroid pinhole!
  • 365 Portraits – Book Pre-Order
    365 Portraits
    If any of you followed the popular “365 Portraits” project by Bill Wadman, you'll be excited about this. He's offering up a book that contains all the photos! (found via Thomas Hawk)
  • How Film is Made… Then and Now at Kodak
    Figital Revolution
    This is so cool… links to some video and audio that shows how Kodak film was, and is, made. They were doing some pretty amazing stuff back in 1958!
  • When it's time to go Pro
    A discussion with Neil Creek about his adventure into professional photography. Great stuff for the aspiring photographers out there!
  • Apple iPhone 3G S Camera Review
    JMG Galleries
    Yup, lots of buzz on the new iPhone camera. Jim does a good job at reviewing the camera's functionality.
  • 15 Forced Perspective Technique Examples
    digital Photography School
    A cool set of photos to check out! It's funny how the viewer perspective can be so heavily influenced by the photographer.
  • Homeless Afghan War Refugees
    Our pal Zoriah spends some time on the streets of Paris with Afghan refugees. As always, a breathtaking set of photos and stories.
  • The Consequences of Creativity
    Chase Jarvis
    Chase Jarvis shares a great presentation from an event at the Art Director's Club of Denver. He speaks on the topic of creativity and being the great artist that he is, Chase has a lot of good things to say.

    Chase Jarvis CURRENT: The Consequences of Creativity from Chase Jarvis on Vimeo.