Link Roundup 11-29-2008

For those of you in the US, I hope the rest of you had a great holiday! I know I certainly spent too little time working and too much time eating! But hey, I managed to snap a few rolls of photos, so not all is lost.

  • 19 Radical Skateboard Photography Tips
    Lessons in Creativity that you can learn from Parkour
    7 Ways To A More Observant Life
    How did you all get so good?
    Lenses for Sports Photography
    The Fine Art of Observation
    Kung-Fu For Your Photography
    Beyond Phototips
    Beyond Phototips has officially turned 1! Happy Birthday! And to celebrate, my good buddy Susheel has been going on a post frenzy. He's pushing out some really awesome articles written by himself and several guest bloggers (myself included). Definitely worth checking out and following.
  • Seagate Fall Photo Contest Top 10
    Photography Bay
    10 great fall photos from the contest over at Photography Bay.
  • 7 Tips for Candid Photos and Portrait Photography
    i Digital Photo
    Good candid portraits can be harder than you might think — here are a few tips to get you rolling.
  • Avoiding The Double Reflection
    Ever see those fancy studio photos with the perfect reflection? Here's a good little guide on achieving that look.
  • Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever
    pc fastlane
    Well… maybe not the most expensive (I've seen a few lenses with higher price tags), but certainly out of my range!
  • Blend a B&W Layer to add Edginess
    LeggNet's Digital Capture
    Layer blends are a powerful tool in Photoshop, and I've seen this one before. Rich guides us through a simple technique for adding some extra edginess to photos.
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers, All Under $100
    Beyond Megapixels
    Ah yes, shopping season. If you're looking for a gift for a fellow photographer (or looking to fill out your own wishlist), here are some good ideas for under $100.
  • five photo gift ideas under $50
    Pro Photo Life
    More stuff for the holiday shoppers — all of it under a very reasonable $50.
  • Learning the Secrets of Wedding Album Design
    digital Photography School
    Some pointers and tips for wedding photographers when it comes to designing albums.
  • Which DSLR should I buy?
    A very down-to-Earth discussion about buying your first dSLR. So much hype is given to the biggest and baddest cameras out there, but most people don't need all that. Here are some things to think about if you're going for your first dSLR.
  • PresetsHeaven | Your source to free Lightroom presets
    I'm not a Lightroom user, but this site looks pretty cool. I haven't tried any of the presets out, but the price sure looks good to me!