Link Roundup 09-20-2008

So much going on this week…

  • Chase Jarvis RAW: Kung Fu
    Chase Jarvis
    I usually put the videos at the end of the roundups, but this is so freakin' awesome! I'm such a Chase Jarvis fanboy!
  • 15 Great Portrait Tips By You
    Quick tips from the DIYPhotography community on portrait photography, including kids, group shots, in session, and post processing.
  • Intro to Color Management
    Pro Photo Life
    Color management can be a scary and intimidating thing, but Jim lays out the basics of how it works and why it's important for photographers in this video.

    Episode 28, Intro to Color Management from Jim Talkington on Vimeo.
  • Hyperfocal Distance: Maximizing Your Depth of Field
    Beyond Megapixels
    Although the term “hyperfocal distance” sounds a little sci-fi, it's really a basic term that you should know. Here's a good introduction to the concept and how to utilize it in your photography.
  • 7 Tips for Organizing your Photos
    Organizing your photos and workflow habits are so important — here are some tips for getting you into the right habits before you end up with a mess on your hands.
  • Engagement Portrait Shoots: 7 Professional Tips to take your Engagement Shoots to the Next Level
    digital Photography School
    Mentoring is a time honored method for passing on decades of learned information from one person to another. Not only can you learn a specific topic, finding a mentor can bring growth to other aspects of your art you were never aware of.
  • Glamour Shot Processing with Lightroom
    Digital Pro Talk
    An awesome little video tutorial from David Ziser on creating a high-key glamour photo with Lightroom.
  • Polarizing Filters make Magic Moments
    Beyond Phototips
    Polarizing filters can produce some very interesting results — here are some examples and tips to help you when using one.
  • Tips to Get Better Photos at Conventions
    Neil Creek
    Neil has some great tips for photographing people (and people at various conventions, in particular) in these two videos. He goes through things you should be doing as well as things you shouldn't be doing — good stuff all around!