Link Roundup 12-06-2008

Awesome things on the web this week… as usual.


  • Beyond Phototips’ Photography Contest
    Beyond Phototips
    Susheel is giving away a couple of cool prizes — all you have to do is get creative with DETAIL. Try to dramatize a detail from some object that you would normally not have even noticed. Deadline is December 21st.
  • PROJECT: Iron Chef Photography – Paperclip
    Neil Creek
    In the latest Iron Chef Photography project, Neil challenges us to photograph… paperclips. See what you can do with such a simple object! Deadline is December 25th.
  • Something New – A Photography Project
    You still have a little more time to find a partner and swap gear for a chance at a free equipment rental. Deadline is December 20th.


  • Turn Ho-Hum Color into WOW! with Photoshop
    digital Photography School
    A good quick lesson on working with LAB color space in Photoshop to punch up your colors without creating nasty artifacts.
  • ZORIAH: Behind the Image – The Pakistan Earthquake
    An absolutely stunning photo and the story behind it straight from the photographer. This type of journalism is top-notch, and it really gives you an idea of what's happening around the world.
  • A Guide to Measurements in Photography – Part One
    i Digital Photo
    With all kinds of numbers and scales in photography, this guide lays out the essentials for understanding them.
  • The Headphones Pop Up Flash Diffuser
    Here's an easy little project for creating your own flash diffuser for use with a pop-up flash.
  • Create your own bargain on a dSLR this Christmas
    Here are a few tips for saving money on camera equipment this holiday season.
  • 11 Fun Lego Photos
    digital Photography School
    Some fantastic scenes can be created and photographed using Legos. Here are some good example photos.
  • 5 Tips for Great Street Photography
    Collective Lens
    Tips and examples for improving your street photography game.
  • Four Reasons to Consider Working for Free
    David Hobby presents some compelling arguments for working for free as a photographer. Before you jump to conclusions, just hear him out.
  • Halo Removal Tutorial
    Here's a good little Photoshop technique for removing halos using a combination of selection tools, selection refinements, and the clone stamp.
  • 100 +1 Best Photography Blogs, Websites, Podcasts, and Magazines of 2008
    Your Photo Tips
    A great list of informative, entertaining, inspirational, and creative photography websites. If you're looking to fill up your feed reader, this list is a good place to start.