Link Roundup 10-18-2008

Another round of informative and inspirational photography stuff…

  • How To Use Vintage Lenses with Your DSLR
    Those good old manual lenses are the best! Here's a rundown on how you can use them with your newer digial SLR.
  • Chidren Shot Dead in West Bank Village
    A sad story of the brutal reality that plagues the Middle East… two young boys shot in the head, and the story of the effect it's had on their families.
  • Review: Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger V2s
    Beyond Megapixels
    Ever want the ability to fire an off camera flash without cables? Check out this review of the Cactus wireless flash trigger.
  • Discover How to Become a Photojournalist
    digital Photography School
    Tips and suggestions for improving your photojournalism skills. This includes things like focusing on people, submitting photos, and using the right equipment.
  • High Speed Photography
    Chase Jarvis
    Chase gives us a rundown on high-speed flash photography. And he uses the material from the Kung Fu project to show us how it's done.