Color Spaces, Crop Snap, and Pantone hueyPRO

Preserving Photo Colors on the Web

Photodoto has a good explanation on how to “Preserve You Photo's Colors on the Web.”  Do you ever spend a bunch of time editing your photo to perfection, upload it to the web location of your choice, and find that something looks off?  Luckily, it's a pretty simple fix — and most people encounter this at some point in their photo-sharing career.  It has everything to do with color spaces, and knowing that web browsers use the sRGB color space.  The article goes into how to spot it and how to fix it.

Stop Crop Snapping in Photoshop

Planet Photoshop has a quick tip to help you “Stop the Crop Snapping.”  Also known as: that annoying feature that makes your crop tool jump to the edge of the document when you don't want it to.  I always run into this problem when I'm trying to just shave off a little bit of the photo near one of the edges.  Until today, I had no idea it was so easy to fix.

Review of Pantone hueyPRO

The Wired Gadget Lab has a review of the “Pantone hueyPRO Color Calibration Device.”  Color calibration devices are used to set color profiles (which are different than color spaces) for your computer's monitor.  It's basically a hardware/software package that tells your computer how to display colors and tones.  So these things are important for us photographers.  The Gadget Lab does a good quick-and-dirty on this package from Pantone, and they give it a pretty good rating.  I'm about ready to throw my Spyder2 in the trash and go buy the hueyPRO — I've had too many problems with the software over the last month.

Photo of the Day…

Gone Fishing

Photo by Brian Auer
08/21/06 High Bridge, NJ
Decaying Fish at Spruce Run State Park
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
90mm equiv * f/6.3 * 1/640s * ISO100