Photo Backup: An Intro to Data Security

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photo credit: montini

Backing-up your photos is definitely important, but more important is getting in the habit of doing so. As time goes on and our skills increase, we tend to take more photos. Cameras keep getting bigger and pumping out more pixels too. I recently wrote about my exponential photo collection, and this illustrates what I'm talking about. If you don't have good habits with your backups right now, you'll be in a world of hurt one or two years down the road.


Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting articles in a series about photo backups. We'll cover all the major methods of doing backups, including RAID towers, external hard drives, DVDs, online solutions, and more (but not necessarily in that order). At the end of the series, I'll pull everything together in a eBook like we did with the Guide to Adobe Bridge.

To start things off, here are some articles that I've come across that cover various aspects of photo backups. Leave a link in the comments if you have some others in your own bookmarks.

  • Backup – Wikipedia
    This entry goes seriously into backup methods and the management of backups. Most of it is probably overkill for many photographers, but it's interesting to see just how far this stuff goes.
  • 5 Ways To Never Lose Your Photos
    Jim Goldstein presents some good solid methods for backing-up, and some things to think about while securing your photos for the long haul.
  • My Photo and Computer Back-up Strategy
    Scott Kelby lays out his backup techniques and some of the hardware he uses to do so.
  • 5 Ways to Store Your Photos
    Five of the basic methods and pieces of hardware for storing your photos outside of your internal hard drive.
  • Digital Workflow: Preserve Those Captures
    If you think you're doing enough to backup your photos, take a look at this article by Jim Talkington. From a pro's perspective, this is all just a part of doing business.
  • Organize: Part 3 – Seeing it Through
    Neil Creek touches on the topic of backups in this article about photo organization.
  • Back Up Your Files Regularly
    A good reminder for doing that totally necessary thing that we hate (and sometimes forget) to do.
  • Back Up Your Work On the Road
    An overview of portable gadgets for backing up your photos on the run.
  • Back Up Your Photos on DVD
    The DVD backup may not be the best method of backup, but it should still be considered essential as a secondary method.
  • 5 Steps to Securing your Data
    Backing-up is just one part of securing your data (photos). Here are some tips for additional activities you should be doing.