Link Roundup 06-21-2008

  • The Nuts and Bolts of off-camera flash – Part 1, Basics
    Being a Strobist dunce I'm really looking forward to this series that talks about the nitty gritty down and dirty of flash mechanics. This article is an intro to the basic method of firing a flash unit and the common modes of the strobe.
  • 200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup
    Design Reviver
    If you're into texturizing or just grunging up your photos, here is a pretty large list of goodies you might be interested in. It's written primarily for web designers, but photographers can find some useful stuff in there too.
  • Baby Time: Photographing Babies Without Losing your Mind
    digital Photography School
    Six tips for photographing babies — which can be more difficult than it may seem!
  • Creative Commons WordPress Plugin
    A great WordPress plugin for you bloggers that allows you to find and publish Flickr photos licensed under the Creative Commons.
  • 5 Ways to Hold Your Viewer's Attention
    Beyond Megapixels
    Good strong methods for grabbing attention in your photos and directing your viewer's eyes in the direction you intend.
  • Blurb Photo Books Review
    A very in-depth review of the POD book service called Blurb. Filled with lots of screenshots and lays out the basic flow of creating a book with them.
  • Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet Card
    This is a really neat thing to check out if you're planning on using off-camera flash. Udi put together a cheat-sheet that shows the results of varying the strobe location and angle.