Link Roundup 09-05-2009

  • A Kid's Life, Cuba
    Another great collection of photos from our photojournalist friend, Zoriah.
  • 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Photography Skills
    Smashing Magazine
    Awesome listing of various websites that will help you improve your game — all for free!
  • The Top 10 Photojournalists of All Time
    Digital Photography Basics
    Photojournalists are hardcore… these folks live for this stuff, and they do a stunning job . This is a cool list of some past and present photojournalists.
  • The Massive Guide to TLR Cameras Part 2: Pseudo TLRs
    Holga Blog
    TLR cameras are undeniably the best things ever invented, but here are some pseudos that come pretty close at a fraction of the cost!
  • Add vignettes using Photoshop in 6 simple steps
    Want to add a vignette to your photo in post processing? Also want to make that vignette something other than round? How about with adjustable intensity and completely non-destructive? Here's how.
  • Wildfires in Southern California
    The Big Picture
    We've had some serious fires here in Southern California this year (as is the case just about every year). Here are 41 photos showing the various aspects and effects of these fires.
  • The Human Side of War
    A very well-done video showcasing some of Zoriah's work in various war zones.
  • Street Portrait Photo How To
    Photographer Clay Enos shows us how to do a street-studio portrait session with a sheet of white paper, some tape, and a camera. (found via @JohnMilleker)
  • Water Drop Macro Tutorial
    Ever see those cool photos of the giant water drop on a flower petal? Here's how it's done. (found via @kkartPhoto)
  • 42 Awe Inspiring Photos of Extreme Weather
    The Photo Argus
    It's amazing how something can be so destructive and beautiful at the same time. Here are 42 examples of some of the most beautiful extreme weather photography. (found via @p_bae)
  • 53 Insanely Dark Photo Manips
    little box of ideas
    So you think you're pretty good at Photoshop? Take a look through these creations and see if you still think so. (found via @Photocritic)
  • 35+ Free online Image and Photo Editing Tools
    Techie Blogger
    Need a quick online editing tool? Or perhaps you don't require something like Photoshop or Lightroom for your post-processing. Here are a few online options for you. (found via @mediatemple)