Link Roundup 11-10-2007

Before I get to the regular links, I'd like to announce that there's an upcoming photowalk in Los Angeles on November 25th being hosted by none other than Trevor Carpenter. I'll be there, as will many other active Souther California photographers. So if you're going to be in the area for the holiday weekend, come hang out with us — it's a good time, I promise.

  • Photography Blog Project #2: “In Your Own Backyard”
    Jim has started a photo project where he asks us to take a photo within 5 miles of our home that reflects the “local flavor”. I'll definitely be taking part in this one.
  • How to create great “Zooms”
    Sherri Meyer Photography
    Tips for applying the “Zoom” effect to your photos — in-camera technique.
  • Get Out of Your Photographic Rut
    PopPhoto Flash
    Good set of little tips and ideas to fire up your creativity and get you out of your slump.
  • Increasing Efficiency: Photoshop Post-Processing Tips
    Notes on using Photoshop actions to speed up your post-processing by layout out all your foundation adjustment layers with the press of one key.
  • The Best Ways To Pimp Out Your Flickr
    Here's a look at APIs developed by Flickr friendly programmers that help you show off your Flickr photos exactly the way you want.
  • Photoshop Tip: An Alternative to Unsharp Mask
    LeggNet's Digital Capture
    How to use the High Pass Filter method of sharpening photos in Photoshop, and get better results than with the Unsharp Mask.
  • 13 Tips for Using and Caring for Memory Cards
    digital Photography School
    Memory cards can be touchy little things. Here's how to properly care for them to ensure a better digital photography experience.
  • Videos of the Week — The first one is short, the second one is long, both are about the Sony a700. Sorry for the brand bias, but Sony adopted me when they bought the Konica-Minolta camera business.