Link Roundup 10-20-2007

  • The First Question Every Photographer Must Answer: Why?
    Neil Creek
    Before a photographer can get the best out of their photos, they need to ask themselves “why?”. This article discusses various “whys” in photography, and how understanding them can make you a better photographer.
  • 12 Fantastic Fall Photo Tips — Extra-Crunchy Guide to Leaf Peeping
    A great guide by Photojojo on bringing out amazing Fall colors in your photos. Best times to shoot, the lenses to use, creative ideas for getting shots that don't look like everyone else's.
  • Reader Quiz: What’s Your Best September Photo?
    Great question and mental exercise. Choosing your best photo is more difficult than you'd think. Andrew is taking entries until Tuesday.
  • So What Do You Know About Photography?
    11 ways to make money from photography without selling photos.
  • Can Sony Build a True Full Frame dSLR?
    Interesting discussion about the possibilities for Sony's flagship model set to release sometime in 2008.
  • Create Stock Photos
    Nycraphix Blog Photo
    A listing of some common traits of good stock photos, and how you can incorporate these into your own stock photography for better results.
  • Video of the Week — Just a little weekend humor.