How To Make a Color Infrared Photo


This is the coolest little editing trick I've seen in a while. This YouTube video by PhotoshopMama shows you how to create the look of color infrared film with your color photos. The best part… it only takes three clicks in Photoshop. Here's the video:

In case you can't see the video for some reason, here's the process.

  1. Create an “Invert” adjustment layer to invert your photo.
  2. Create another “Invert” adjustment layer to un-invert your photo.
  3. Change the layer blend of the top adjustment layer to “Luminosity”.

That's it, you're done. I just took some already finished photos and ran them through the conversion. Here are my results:





Doesn't anybody else think this is cool? Or is this old news and I was just left out of the loop? Either way, it kept me occupied for about an hour.