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Learn how to take amazing landscapes like the ones below with this course – Have you ever looked at a landscape photo and just been blown away? How do photographers take these amazing photos and make them look extraordinary?  If you’ve ever wanted to capture images that inspire, here is a great course that is comprehensive in its training and the illustrations give you the visuals to help you grasp the concepts of great landscape photography. Better still are the assignments that help you put your learnings into practice – so take a look here. 

Photo by Christian Weiss

10 Essential Pieces of Landscape Photography Gear – Here is a great article that shares with you the 10 most essential items of camera gear that you need for landscape photography. These items are definitely recommended if you’re after the best landscape images

How to photograph bluebells: timing – If you aren't familiar with them, bluebells are beautiful violet-blue flowers that carpet the ground. Generally, bluebells emerge in woodlands in the UK from around mid-April to mid-May but it can vary from year to year and by location. Here's a great overview of how to photograph these beautiful flowers.

beige desert
Photo by Tanya Nevidoma

This Affordable Setup Makes Backyard Birding Easy and Fun – Backyard bird photography has become more popular with the lockdowns across the globe. Here is a great overview of taking stunning and of course interesting photographs of bds in the backyard.

Quick & Easy Photoshop Background Effect – In this video, you learn how about background effects and how to apply them, but you'll also nab a few Photoshop tips. A very quick guide, but definitely worth your time.

desert photography during daytime
Photo by Jeremy Bishop

How to Become a Food Photographer – Food photography is a great genre and here in this article you'll learn about becoming a professional food photographer. Like any still life photographs, photographing food is a great way to practice everything from full manual mode to using window light effectively to create stunning images.