Photographing at the zoo, portraits, fixing blurry photos, and more…

Today we have a compilation of interesting articles from around the web, particularly looking at general photography tips. We've found a piece on the top ten reasons why your pictures might be blurry and of course how to fix them. A very comprehensive guide to using aperture priority, including grandparents in your family portraits, using your local zoo for inspiration, and more articles to get your teeth into.

So grab a cup of coffee and let's get cracking…

Learn how to master the Art of Portrait Photography with this intuitive guide – If you want to take beautiful portraits then take a look at The Art of Portrait Photography. This course is the guaranteed fastest way to start producing your own inspiring, memorable portraits that convey real meaning and emotion. And, pro-tip, photographing animals (whether it is at a zoo, in the wild, or capturing the family pet) uses many of the same techniques as photographing people – just take a look at the wonderful portraits below.

closeup photo of black gorilla
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Isn’t Life Grand? Including Grandparents for More Memorable Family Portraits – Here is a great reminder that when capturing those great family portraits, it is especially special to ensure that grandparents are in on the action. A way to make a photograph meaningful is to really tell a visual story and what better way than to capture the span of multiple generations of the same family, from great grandparents to tiny tots

Top 10 Mistakes That Cause Blurry Pictures (And How to Fix Them) – Blurry pictures? Well, it can be difficult to find the root cause of your issue. The truth is that blurry pictures are caused by many factors – so if your photos are blurry, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact problem. Here is a great article giving you 10 reasons why you might not be in focus and how to address it.

shallow focus photography of lion and lioness
Photo by Jeremy Avery

The Complete Guide on How to Use Aperture Priority – Here is a great guide on how to use a really useful mode on your camera – Aperture Priority. If you don't know what this is, briefly, it is a mode that allows you to manually control the aperture and ISO, but your camera will change the shutter speed automatically depending on changes in the light.

Seeing differently at the zoo – Zoos are a great place to practice photographing animals. The thing is, we all have great images of the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). But what about finding the less popular or, even better, the less seen shots? Here is an interesting article on why you should pop off to your local zoo to practice your photography

standing white and brown alpaca
Photo by Dušan veverkolog

You don’t need it – Here is a fun video reminding us that we don't need all the latest and greatest photography kit to do what we love. Photography really is about expressing our creativity rather than blowing the budget.