From the best street photography cameras to Lightroom tutorials for beginners…

Today we have a mix of great articles from around the internet. From a course on getting the best from your DSLR, and the best camera for street photography, to being reminded of the importance of looking up and getting different perspectives when you are out photographing the world.

Let's get into it…

Learn how to master your camera with this DSLR Crash Course – if you want to improve your photography and really master your camera, then check out this DSLR crash course. You have the DSLR, but now you need to understand the building blocks of photography. This is a course where you will be taken by the hand and lead step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

three blue-and-yellow parrots on tree branch
Photo by Sid Balachandran

The Best Camera for Street Photography in 2021 – If you have decided that you'd love to get into street photography, there are a few things you should think about when looking for a camera. Here is a great article reviewing the best cameras for the street photography genre. There are obviously some street photography cameras that stand out among the many offerings on the market, so take a look at this piece as you do your research.

The importance of looking up – Capturing different perspectives can bring interest and dynamics to your photographs. Simply looking up can create unique photographs that show new details and interesting viewpoints that looking straight ahead wouldn’t present.

yellow bird on Sakura tree
Photo by Boris Smokrovic

Rumours Indicate iPhone 14 Could Have 48MP Sensor – Here is an interesting rumour about the iPhone 14. The camera in your smartphone is often the one you have with you, and these cameras have got better and better over each iteration iPhone. So it isn't surprising that the rumour mill is on overdrive about the digital capability of the next iPhone release.

15 Best Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners – Adobe Lightroom has become the default photo editing software for many photographers. And whether you are a professional, an amateur, or a bit of both, you'll always learn something new from any Lightroom Tutorial. Here are 15 great tutorials to get you started (and perhaps give you some tips you didn't know about) with Adobe Lightroom.

blue and yellow bird standing on brown trunk close up photography
Photo by Boris Smokrovic

Try Being a Lazy Photographer – Here is an interesting video that suggests you should, every so often, become a lazy photographer. By that, this photographer means you should pop your camera on automatic and just photograph your surrounds. The idea is that you remove all the thought processes around adjusting for the right settings and just focus on your composition. If you feel your photographs are lacking something, then maybe just letting everything go and honing in on composition could help.