Busy is Good, Right?

I've been avoiding the Internet lately, but only because I'm fairly busy with a few other things. Mainly, I'm trying to get a few prints together for the upcoming San Diego Fair (you know, prints — those jpegs on that paper stuff). There's a photo competition and all entries have to be submitted IN PRINT — no online submissions. So I entered 4 photos and they have to be dropped off on May 13th. This is turning out to be an expensive (and time consuming) little adventure. 4 photo entries are going to cost me just over $400 — and I'm not even sure if they'll be “good enough” to show at the fair (I know, this is crazy).

Regardless of the outcome, I'll have four very nice images mounted for exhibition and ready to sell. I spent my Saturday printing 3 digital photos with Oscar, pricing out mounts and mats with a local San Diego framer, buying more materials for the darkroom, and printing my 4th photo in the darkroom.

All in all, everything is coming together nicely and I'm excited to see the four prints in their final state. I'll post more about the process and the outcome when it all comes together. And here are the photos I'm entering:

Wide Open (digital, 16″ x 10.5″)
Wide Open

The Watchman (digital, 16″ x 10.5″)
The Watchman

Black and White (digital, 16″ x 10.5″)
Black and White

A Dreary World (analog, fiber base, selenium toned, 11″ x 11″)
A Dreary World