Flowers, filters, lenses, tripods, and a lot more

Today in our collection of photography articles around the web you'll learn how to photograph beautiful flowers, you'll find a review of the best lenses for wildlife photography, you'll discover some study tripods to help you capture the Milky Way, and more…

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Learn how to photograph beautiful images of flowers with this course – One of the most beautiful things you can shoot in macro is flowers. If you want to take your macro flower photography to the next level take a look at photographer Leanne Cleavely’s phenomenal guide Photographing Fabulous Flowers. This course takes you through gear, camera settings, natural and artificial light, composition, and post-processing – everything you need to take amazing photographs of flowers.

Photo by Laura Ockel

These Easy To Use Lens Filters Will Make Your Images Pop! – Some lens filters will help you create gorgeous images in-camera by exposing them for both shadows and highlights. Other lens filters will help your camera capture images with colors that pop! Here in this article, you'll find a great overview of 3 filters that you should have in your kit, especially if you love landscape photography.

The remarkable winners of the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards – Here take a look at the precursor to the winners of The Sony World Photography Awards. This is one of the biggest annual photography contests and while overall winners will be announced next month, this initial announcement covers the main Open category winners.

Photo by Johannes Plenio

Best lenses for wildlife and nature photography – It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to nature and wildlife photography, an enthusiast honing their skills, or a seasoned professional who is a master of their craft – choosing the right lens for the type of images you’d like to take is crucial. So before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on a lens, take a look at this article to find the best lens for you.

3 Sturdy Tripods That Will Help You Capture Stunning Milky Way Images – Right now, the Northern Hemisphere is moving into astrophotography season. One thing that is indispensable for successfully capturing the night sky is a sturdy, reliable tripod. A tripod that is tough, durable, stable, and easy to use in dark scenarios is necessary. So here is a round-up of 3 tripods that fit those specs.

pink flower in macro shot
Photo by fliss clooney

Backyard Flower Photography Tips to Capture Snowdrops and Crocuses – Flowers can be perfect photography subjects – they come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to that, their amazing colors can make images truly eye-catching and dramatic. Flower photography doesn’t have to include only flowers in bloom – you can photograph buds, twigs, stems, leaves, dry flowers, and even insects. Here are some great tips for capturing snowdrops and crocuses in your own backyard. And remember, if you want to learn how to take amazing photographs of flowers, then take a look at Photographing Fabulous Flowers.