Portrait Photography eBook Winners

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography

Last week, when I posted the review of The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the topic of the book. We had only photo entries (sorry guys, sets are not the same as galleries), so I picked two of my favorite photos to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image. The book is free for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. The price is now just under $20, but still totally worth it for the amount of useful content it contains.


Photo by Faisal. This little girl instantly got my interest in photographing her. I was captivated by her innocence and perhaps a little saddened by a certain abandoned gaze in her eyes. The place is ‘Jaglot Gor’ on the way to Hunza from Gilgit, Northern Pakistan. We had delicious Chapshru (a local dish) here.


Photo by Jonathan Robson. Taken last weekend, very hard to get them both in the same frame!

Photo by Jonathan Robson