Better portrait photography, strong foregrounds, photography documentaries to stream and the Dutch angle.

Today we have an eclectic mix of photography “how tos”.

Learn how to take amazing portraits and how to pose your friends and family to show them at their best. Find out how to use strong foregrounds to improve your images, how to shoot the Dutch angle and understand how to avoid 7 common photography mistakes and, of course, how to fix them

Learn the Art of Portrait Photography with this beautiful guide – If you are interested in taking your portrait photography to the next level then please take a look at The Art Of Portrait Photography. This beautiful guide is the guaranteed fastest way to start producing your own inspiring, memorable portraits that convey real meaning and emotion.

woman wearing black crew-neck shirt
Photo by Aiony Haust

5 Posing Tips for Portraits of People with ‘Challenging’ Facial Features – This video tutorial from portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis shows you how to better pose your subjects when shooting portraits. He shares 5 corrective posing tips, explaining how to best pose your family and friends so they always look their best.

Why I love backlighting – Backlighting is any type of photography where the main light source comes from behind the subject. Here are four reasons why you might like to give it a try.

green grass near body of water during daytime
Photo by Jeff W

How to Use Foreground to Create Depth in Your Images – Incorporating strong foregrounds into your photography can take your images to the next level. Strong foreground elements add depth so that you end up with beautiful landscape shots, architectural shots, nature shots, and more.

5 Photography Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now – If you are looking for something to binge on your favourite streaming service, how about a photography documentary? Here is a list of 5 photography documentaries you can take a look at right now.

Photo by Daniele Colucci

How To Shoot Dutch Angle Photographs – We are always told to keep the horizon straight in photography, however sometimes we may choose not to. The Dutch angle or Dutch tilt is traditionally a cinematic technique used to add mystery or drama to a shot. Here is an article on the Dutch angle, where it came from, what it is and how you can use it to spice up your photography. 

7 Common Mistakes Photographers Make – There are some common mistakes that we all make at one point or another with our photography. This excellent video tutorial discusses seven common mistakes photographers make and how to either avoid them or fix them.