Photography Business Project Winner

In early March, Tasha Schalk wrote an informative article about the business of photography and we launched a project to go along with it — all you had to do was tell us your business plan for the upcoming year. Tasha and Tracy Tesmer also offered up a few prizes to go along with the project.

After reviewing the project entries, we've all decided that “the_wolf_brigade” deserves the prize package with this business plan:

My goals for 2009 are mixed are possibly not related, which has made it hard to work on both at the same time.

The first is to hold a solo exhibition based around my work at the Lithgow Blast Furnace. My intention is to highlight the beauty of this place and to document the changes as it undergoes restoration as part of the Lithgow council’s plan to make Lithgow more attractive to tourists. I’m struggling with this due to time, but also on how to find new angles and ways to highlight the way in which the structure changes over the seasons. Additionally, a solo exhibition from (at this point in time) an unknown and unestablished artist in the area is an ambitious task.

The second goal for 2009 is based around my concept of Professions. My aim is to identify what makes a strong portrait in terms of how it represents a persons character, and how best to portray emotion through my work. I’m trying to work mainly in large format as that requires forethought and planning, although I have been using some medium format for when more spontaneous sessions present themselves. The moo cards would be brilliant in this respect as I often see charismatic people on the street that I’d love to photograph, but as yet I haven’t had the confidence to approach them. Having a small card with my details and a smaple of my work on it would boost my confidence and hopefully facilitate more work with people who I consider interesting.

I suppose both are ambitious tasks, but it’s helped to have to explain it here in this comment, as it has made it even clearer in my mind and has solidified my intentions to pursue both goals more strongly this year.

Personally, I voted for the_wolf_brigade because he identifies a couple of specific goals with his intent and plan of action. These are important aspects of any business plan, photography or not. There were several other good business plans in the project, and I wish everybody the best of luck with fulfilling those goals!