Amazing black and white photography, nailing sharp focus, male portraits and more…

Today we double down on learning how to create stunning black and white images, we've found an article with tips for nailing sharp focus, male poses for portraits and a beginner's guide to colour slides.

So let's get straight into it…

Get remarkable black and white images with this course – If you are looking to take striking black and white photographs like the one below by Mario Ho, then take a look at the Better Black and White Guide. This course will teach you everything you need to know about identifying what will make a great black and white photograph, and controlling tone and contrast to get the images you want. 

white row boats inline on body of water during foggy weather
Photo by Mario Ho

Creating stunning black and white photos with ease – When it comes to converting images to black and white there are lots of options available. Whether you use Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements, here you’ll find advice not just on how to convert, but also how to fine-tune the look of your monochrome images.

Seven secrets for nailing sharp focus each time – Nailing sharp focus takes your photography to the next level. Here are some easy secrets to getting sharp focus in your photos each time, whether you’re using autofocus or manual focus.

row of four men sitting on mountain trail
Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Try These Male Poses For Portraits for Better Photographs – Many articles on portraits and associated poses are specifically for women, but here is information dedicated to photographing men. This posing guide covers many essential portrait poses for men, so take notes!

Five photography accessories for saving time and money – As you start building your own photography workflow, you’ll also start looking for tools that will make things easier and more convenient. Here is a list of accessories that will likely become staples in your camera carry.

Photo by Anthony Da Cruz

These are the five biggest challenges of ultra-wide-angle lenses – You’ll find ultra-wide-angle lenses in many landscape photographers’ gear bags. While they can be amazing for landscapes and cityscapes, they come with some challenges. Here are five of the biggest challenges, along with some tips on overcoming them.

The absolute beginner’s guide to film photography: Color slide film – Slide film was the choice of professional photographers back in the pre-digital film photography days. Perhaps you're interested in returning to a time before digital, and if so, here is an absolute beginner's guide to slide.