Mastering depth of field, light painting spirals and black and white still life

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Black and White Still Life Photography: How to Do It (And Why It Matters) – One of the best ways to stoke your creative fire is actually to set limits or boundaries on yourself. When you have to work around those limits to fulfil your vision, that is when you really learn your craft. Here two limits are set – black and white photography and still life. Give it a go.

shallow focus photography of snowflake
Photo by Damian McCoig

How to Easily Capture High-Detail Snowflake Photos at Home – Photographing snowflakes doesn’t have to be expensive. This piece shows you how you can capture amazing, high-detailed snowflakes with even entry-level equipment.

10 portrait lighting mistakes every beginner must avoid – If you are taking portraits then these tips will be invaluable. Many beginners and some more advanced photographers fall into the trap of the most common lighting mistakes. Here are the top 10 lighting mistakes to avoid when taking portraits.

Photo by João Bueno

How to make light painting spirals, the easy way – Light painting is a technique used in long exposure photography where you can use artificial light to illuminate a scene or to create new elements within the image. The magic of Light Painting is in the wow factor that it evokes. Learning light painting will truly surprise and excite your friends

Photography inspiration: Why do you love photography? – Is photography your passion? Is it your hobby or a creative outlet? It is a great question to pose and also gets you thinking about what inspires you about photography that lets you get up pre-dawn to shoot blue hour in the cold!

macro shot of yellow flower
Photo by Danielle MacInnes

Mastering depth of field – Depth of field is something that’s important to take into account with every image you take. While it can create some cool creative effects like bokeh, it can also be used in professional ways to create a more appealing photograph.

When it comes to learning photography, there are some rudimentary rules and skills that everyone needs to understand quickly if they are going to start producing great images. If you want to take your photography to the next level, then take a look at Understanding Composition