Inspiration, creativity and some cameras to covet and avoid

In today's photography wrap, we've found information on cameras that you might want to add to your list and those you may wish to avoid, some creativity and inspiration and photography news of the day – all collated for your enjoyment.

Let's jump in

5 Cameras YOU Should Avoid! – Photography isn't exactly a cheap hobby so you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. You've done some research and have an idea about specs, brand, and lenses but, there are still many pitfalls you should watch out for before you make your final decision. Here are 5 kinds of cameras you should definitely avoid.

Best instant film cameras to try in 2021 – So you want to try film photography but the development process is not your cup of tea? Why not try an instant film camera! Now is actually the best time to try it out since the film photography resurgence also made instant film cameras increasingly popular. Here are the best instant film cameras to add to your kit.

white ice on white surface
Photo by Annie Spratt

A Quick Look at Using Negative Space in Photos – Negative space is the empty space around the subject or focus of the photograph. It can be used as a composition tool to convey sizes and shapes more effectively. It is a concept that has been used in art, design and architecture for a very long time, and is equally useful in photography. Here is a quick look at using this effective composition technique.

The X-tra Battery Kickstarter Campaign May Have Been a Scam – In November 2020, PetaPixel published a story on a Kickstarter campaign called the X-tra Battery. A new report from Canon Rumors indicates that the company never intended to deliver on its promises.

Creating Beautiful Portraits with Clamshell Lighting by Mark Wallace – Clamshell lighting is a technique used in fashion photography to create flattering light for beautiful images. In this video, Mark Wallace walks through his process of creating a simple beauty lighting setup with limited gear options

Creating out of the box snow photos – Are snow days severely cramping your photography action? Perhaps you've just run out of ideas on how to capture those vast swathes of white? Here is some inspiration to capture snow photos with a twist.

cloudy sky at daytime
Photo by Billy Huynh

19 Inspiring Photos of Clouds – Clouds can add power, majesty and interest to your landscape photography. Adding interest to a background or even becoming the subject of the photo itself, clouds are definitely a landscape photographer's friend. Here is some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing

If Landscape photography inspires you, or you'd love to take a stunning photo of clouds like the one from Billy Huynh above, then take a look at  Kent DuFault's guide to landscape photography.