New Discount on Canvas Prints

A few months back, I mentioned a deal from Canvas People for getting a free 8×10 canvas print. Well, that offer has passed, but they have another one up for grabs right now.

Canvas People is giving a $25 discount plus free shipping on any of their canvas prints. This evens out the playing field for those of you not living in the US (I'm assuming there are no location restrictions since I didn't see any on their site). This post contains affiliate links.

8×10 canvas prints start at $50 without the discount, and go all the way up to 18×24 for $100 without the discount. Not bad pricing considering that includes a gallery wrap and protective coating. Frames and photo touch-ups come at an extra cost.

Canvas people has also added some features and helpful hints to the upload/order process. They give you a preview of the image as it will appear on the gallery wrap and they've added some extra explanations for sizing your images prior to upload.

I don't know how long this offer will last, but if you've been thinking of doing a canvas print, now is the time!