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Image Keyworder

Please join me in welcoming Image Keyworder to our list of publication sponsors! You'll be able to see their banner at the end of each article (aka the “premium” spot).

For those who have been with the blog for a while, you'll recall that we've explored and discussed the Image Keyworder software (be sure to read this to learn more about their software). I've tested the software, and I have absolutely no problem promoting their product. It's a great tool for anybody requiring in-depth photo keywording — especially those involved with stock photography.

Image Keyworder has also been getting some upgrades since I reviewed the software. In May, they added support for Alamy contributors. And now, they've added a “keyword suggest” feature:

Singapore, August 2008 – OnAsia has announced the release of a new upgrade to its Windows-based Image Keyworder software. The new version, currently available at and as a free upgrade for existing users, includes a ‘suggest’ function which will allow users to propose terms for inclusion in the program’s comprehensive controlled vocabulary.

The new functionality is designed to enhance the depth and breadth of Image Keyworder’s controlled vocabulary, which comes bundled with the software and is one of its most valuable features. Image Keyworder’s controlled vocabulary is already over 40,000 terms strong, including synonyms, alternate forms, spelling variations and singulars and plurals.

“We are aware that one of Image Keyworder’s greatest strengths is its controlled vocabulary,” said Yvan Cohen, a Director at OnAsia, the company which developed the software.

“We have a team of people who are working to expand and enrich the thesaurus, but users occasionally still find a gap in our coverage especially if the terms they wish to add are specialised. With our new ‘suggest’ function they can send their suggestions directly to our team for review,” he added.

Accessible as a button on the toolbar at the top of Image Keyworder’s workscreen, users can add lists of terms that they would like to suggest for inclusion in the controlled vocabulary accompanied by notes as to their meaning and relevance. They are also able to see if the term has been accepted or declined and any relevant comments from Image Keyworder’s in-house team.

Image Keyworder has been developed in close collaboration between OnAsia’s IT and keywording teams who have considerable experience and understanding of the challenges involved in indexing and keywording large volumes of imagery. “The software is an ongoing collaborative development effort aimed at taking the pain out of keywording and making it more efficient,” said Mr Cohen. “We believe that our first hand knowledge of keywording and image management has helped make Image Keyworder a more effective tool.”

One of the most comprehensive and competitively priced keywording programs on the market, Image Keyworder’s controlled vocabulary means that, with a single click, users can add several relevant terms to an image. The structure and depth of a controlled vocabulary help make an otherwise random and error-prone process more efficient.

Having grown out of OnAsia’s experience as a professional keywording service, Image Keyworder also offers users a number of features aimed at combining comprehensive keywording with productivity. Groups of images can be processed in batches, templates can be created and saved for repeat image types and keywords can be selectively added and removed from sets of images.

Image Keyworder can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial from The trial includes full functionality and access to Image Keyworder’s comprehensive built-in thesaurus.

An Image Keyworder license for two computers costs just US$ 79.99 including a 12-month thesaurus subscription valued at US$ 39.99.

For more information contact [email protected]