Link Roundup 09-20-2009

  • Five Secrets of the Marquee Tools in Photoshop
    digital Photography School
    There are two key marquee selection tools in Photoshop: the rectangular and elliptical marquee tools and they share a toolbar position. Here are some things you may not know about these tools.
  • 20 Amazing Diptychs
    Holga Blog
    Diptychs are cool, but they're even cooler when done on film. Most of these look like half-frame shots, but there are a few square formats and even Polaroids in there.
  • 40 Stunning Tilt-Shift Images of Urbanity
    I always get a kick out of seeing good tilt-shift photos (or even convincing digital tilt-shifts).
  • Online Lighting Diagram Creator
    A handy tool for creating those slick lighting diagrams you may have seen in your travels. (found via
  • 10 Photography Book Recommendations
    10 of the best book recommendations made by the DIYPhotography community. Lots of technical and technique-oriented stuff in there.
  • Remembering September 11th
    The Big Picture
    A collection of 38 photos related to the September 11 attack in 2001.
  • How to Effectively Use Contrast, Auto Levels, and Batch Processing
    A huge in-depth tutorial on using the various tools in Photoshop for tweaking contrast levels in your photos.
  • Chase Jarvis RAW: Freeskier Action NZ
    Chase Jarvis
    Check out what our pal Chase has been up to… freakin' lucky (and talented) dude.
  • Galleries: Unleash your inner curator
    Flickr Blog
    Flickr recently announced the ability to create galleries — collections of photos from other users… sorta like giving them a super-fave.
  • Hypernova Music Vid
    Here's a great example of what you can do with a Canon 1D Mk III running at 10fps.
  • 12 Tips for Creating a Great Portfolio Site
    Solid tips for putting together an online portfolio and a set of examples and critiques at the end. (found via @phillprice)
  • Ten Tips For People Photography
    Craig Ferguson Images
    Some good basic people/portrait tips. (found via @adidap)
  • 20 Stunning Infrared Photographs
    digital Photography School
    Infrared photos can be absolutely stunning because of the unusual colors they produce. Here are some great examples.
  • 21 Stunning Photographs with Meaning
    Presidia Creative
    A collection of photos that were selected not only for being stunning, but also for an underlying meaning that will be sure to brighten your day.