Link Roundup 08-09-2009

  • Stand Development
    Figital Revolution
    This video is part of a multi-segment tutorial on stand development — something I've been curious about for some time. Check it out, and the next tutorial should be coming soon!
  • Lighting Diagrams for Fashion Photography
    Jake Garn Photography
    Similar to the “Strobist Trading Cards”, These sample photos and lighting diagrams reveal the secrets of producing outstanding lighting for models, portraits, or fashion poses.
  • Film Review: Kodak Ektar 100 – 135 Format
    Life in Digital Film
    I reviewed the Ektar 100 in 120 format a while back, and here's a good solid review of the 35mm format film.
  • 5 Secrets of the Photoshop Crop Tool
    digital Photography School
    Photoshop's crop tool is actually very powerful and complex. Here are a few tips for using the “advanced” features of the crop tool.
  • Backing Up Flickr
    On edge about your Flickr uploads disappearing without notice? Here's a promising solution to backing up your Flickr stream.
  • Twitter Photography Resources List
    Are you a photographer and on Twitter? If so, check out this list of great resources!
  • PhotoNetCast #34 – Street Photography
    PhotoNetCast #35 – Street Photography
    A 2-part series on street photography, the 2nd of which is with a great (working) street photographer.