Link Roundup 10-13-2007

  • Advanced Color Correction with Photoshop Levels
    Great technique for fixing colors in Photoshop. I've used this technique before, it really does work well.
  • Computational Photography
    Here's what image editing would be like if Adobe had their way with the lens market. R&D guys are great!
  • 36 Reasons Flickr is a Photographer’s Ultimate Tool
    A comprehensive list of things you can do with Flickr to promote yourself as a photographer.
  • Sony World Photography Awards
    Free photography competition for amateurs and professionals alike. You could win a trip to hang with the pros in France!
  • 3D Light Painting
    Neil Creek
    Impressive examples of light painting with a twist — the images are 3D, or stereoscopic.
  • A Basic Curves Tutorial
    The Lens Flare
    I talk about applying a curves adjustment to my images during post-processing, so here's what it is, how to use it, and what it can do.
  • Video of the Week – This one goes out to all the Lomographers.