Link Roundup 09-01-2007

  • 52 Ways To Monetize Your Photos
    52 ways to make some extra money from your existing stock of photos — a lot of great little ideas that most everybody can try out.
  • Art Concepts in Photography: Composition
    Single-Serving Photo
    Covering the basic, and not so basic, aspects of composition in photography… placement, balance, scale, isolation, convergence, etc.
  • Use a High ISO to Create Grainy Shots
    digital Photography School
    Grainy or noisy shots can give your image a gritty and raw quality that creates a completely different mood in your shots.
  • Tips For Better Moon Photography
    The methods, settings and gear and some general tips for moon and night sky photography.
  • Let Photoshop Do The Work In Curves
    Planet Photoshop
    Quick tip for adjusting specific colors in a photo using the curves adjustment in Photoshop.
  • Photographing Clouds and Sky
    i speak film
    4 great tips to help you create more dramatic sky and cloud images.
  • How to Improve Your Photos By Ignoring Them
    It turns out that being lazy with your photos can actually improve their quality! Who would have thought?