Link Roundup 08-09-2008

Great stuff around the web this week!


  • Just A Second
    Neil Creek
    Neil is starting up a new project having to do with semi-long exposures. He's looking for us to take 1 second exposure photos.
  • September Challenge Update
    Trevor gives us more information on the upcoming September Challenge having to do with portraits. He's outlined a specific theme/subject for each week during the month.


  • 60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See
    Aerial photos can be really cool — but 60 great ones all on a single page is just amazing!
  • Adobe Lightroom 2.0 – First Impressions That Impress
    A very in-depth review of various new features found in Lightroom 2.
  • Some Lighting Tips for Beginners
    Beyond Megapixels
    Basic lighting tips for directional lighting in your creative portraits.
  • PhotoNetCast #9 – Inspiration
    In this episode of PhotoNetCast, we talk about various aspects of inspiration. It's very much worth a listen due to some of the extremely difficult questions Antonio presented to the other hosts.
  • Photoshop Pinhole Effect
    A nice little video from Jeff that shows one way to create a pinhole camera effect via Photoshop.
  • The Raw Truth About JPEG
    Paxton Prints
    The ins and outs of JPEG and RAW formats in digital photography.
  • HUGE Photoshop Action Set!
    CoffeeShop Photography
    Check out this monster set of Photoshop actions — these things are always fun to play with!
  • Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding Aperture
    digital Photography School
    An introduction to aperture and f-stops as they relate to exposure and depth of field.
  • Digital Makeup — Before and After
    Jake Garn Photography
    Jake is at it again, showing off some of his digital makeup skills. He's got some very creative techniques that make his portraits pop!
  • Photo Shoot In 180 Seconds
    Chase Jarvis Blog
    Chase rolls out another great video on the process of working a commercial photo shoot (shown below).