Print From Home or Print On Demand?

papel continuo powa!
Creative Commons License photo credit: *manci*

I've mentioned a few times that I use ImageKind to sell unsigned reprints of my photos. But I also use their service to print things for myself. I can get larger prints (I typically only buy 16″ prints for my portfolio and wall hangings) at a much higher quality (and on an exceptional choice of papers) for a decent price. In the past, I've printed using my own inkjet printer at home. This is fine for the small stuff like photo albums, but the quality isn't there at the larger sizes unless you spend a pretty penny on the equipment.

So my question this week is aimed at your printing habits. For the personal stuff that's larger than 4×6 prints, do you print yourself or do you use an online print on demand service (POD)? Or maybe you have a local POD service? I guess I should also mention that I'm talking about digital printing. Cast your vote and leave a comment on the specifics — printer models for the DIY-ers, websites for the online POD-ers, or business names for the offline POD-ers.


And check out the last poll (or vote if you missed it) having to do with our next project here on the blog. It looks like it could be a toss-up because there were quite a few compelling comments too. Once we finish reviewing the Fine Art Photoblog portfolios and announce the winner, I'll probably have the time to organize the project… plus I'm waiting to hear from a potential sponsor on one of them.