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Please join me in welcoming CheckCost to our list of publication sponsors! They've decided to grab a sidebar position and the only spot on the home page!

CheckCost deals with consumer goods, including many electronics items (plus a lot of other stuff). They provide a central location for price comparisons, reviews, and ratings of the items found on their site. For each item on their website, multiple vendors are shown along with the price they offer, availability of the item, a vendor rating, and more.

The main category of offerings that we're probably interested in is photography, but CheckCost has a few others you might want to search through. Computers, software, and other electronics are just a few of the other categories that may be useful for us photographers.

So next time you're in the market for some new photography equipment (or anything else you can buy online), head over to CheckCost and take a look at the prices and vendor ratings. Paying too much for something is never fun, and dealing with sleazy vendors is a nightmare — so let CheckCost be your guide.