Quick Tip: Visit a New Place

When I first visit a new place, my interest, amazement, and curiosity are at their highest. This is a great opportunity to capture loads of fresh new photos. When we go places that we've been to before, I think we tend to ignore what we consider mundane or typical and seek out the new and interesting. But when we go somewhere new, we have a fresh perspective and nothing is too mundane.

So next time you're in the mood to take some photos, choose some random location and just go. Leave your agenda behind, and explore wherever you happen to land. I'm willing to bet that you'll get some great photos, and you never know… you might meet some great people or find that cool camera shop you've been searching for all your life.

It's kind of fun to go places with no real reason other than wandering around and taking pictures. I'll be heading out to Pacific Beach this weekend to do a little exploration of my own. I figure I'll just drive around until I find somewhere to park — from there, I'll just walk whichever direction seems most interesting.