Which Camera Brand Are You Loyal To?

A while back, I asked What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With? It turned out that most of us are digital SLR users. And somehow, out of all the questions I've asked, I haven't asked about camera brands. So this week, vote for your brand. If you have more than one brand, vote for the one that you use the most or like the best. If your brand isn't on the list, add it.

My gut tells me that Canon and Nikon will take the majority of the votes, but maybe you guys will surprise me.

What Camera Brand Are You Loyal To?

Be sure to take a look at last week's poll on “What Method of Exposure Metering Do You Use?“. It looks like Segment Pattern and Center Weighted metering modes are the most popular, while the Squint and Guess method is least popular (and I'm pretty sure I know who added that answer).