POLL RESULTS: What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?

We had a pretty good turnout from the poll I started last week that asked what type of camera you shoot with. 76 of you answered, and the results are actually a little surprising. I expected less of a gap between compact / ultra-zoom and SLR, but we have 78% of the readers (59 votes) shooting with a digital SLR. That's a fairly large chunk!

Ultra-zooms and compacts each came in at 8% (6 votes each), film SLR and film rangefinders each at 3% (2 votes each), and a lone Spam-can pinhole shooter contributing 1% of the vote. No toy camera fans and no cell phone photographers in the mix.

So I guess this means that I shouldn't feel too bad if I focus primarily on SLR photography tips. I usually try to write general photography tips and articles, but I think I almost always end up biasing toward SLR users. I do see that there are a handful of photographers who don't use an SLR or rangefinder, so I'll try to hit some non-SLR topics occasionally — I already have a few in the works.

And as for the lone Spam-can pinhole shooter… sorry, I don't eat Spam.