Link Roundup 07-22-07

  • Desert Photography Tutorial @
    Shooting in the desert can be tricky. Here are a few simple steps to simplify it to get the most out of your visit to the desert southwest.
  • 8 Ways to Keep Your Compositions Simple @ Photography Tip
    How do you keep your pictures simple yet striking? Learn how to, with these 8 Simple steps.
  • Tenant’s Insurance: Insurance for the Hobbyist @ goldengod
    How to make it safer to take your camera with you all the time with photographer’s insurance or it’s more affordable younger brother, tenant’s insurance.
  • HOW TO: Create A Long Exposure Night Photo @ Adcuz
    A tutorial on getting the correct exposure with long exposure night photos. A must for people who want to take stunning night photos!
  • Top Five Friday: Things To Remember @ Mostly Photography
    Five things to always keep in mind as a photographer.
  • 6 Killer Tips on How To Photograph Bugs and Insects @
    6 tips on dealing with little monsters and 10 very good photos as examples.
  • 7 Strategies for Avoiding Flash Blow Out @ digital Photography School
    Tips for controlling your flash to avoid those unsightly blown out shots.