Link Roundup 12-29-2007

Before we get to the list, be sure to check out my super-cool guest-post on “Going with the Grain” over at ADIDAP (we swapped posts for Christmas). I've always liked grainy photos, so I put together a little information on the subject and picked out some CC photos to help make my point.

  • Depth of Field Calculator
    Cool little DOF calculator that shows numbers for various cameras, focal lengths, and f-numbers — tipped off by David Ziser on this one.
  • Minimalism: Because Complexity Sucks!
    A great collection of minimalist photos and discussion to go along with the various techniques of minimalism in photography.
  • Displaying Images in Photoblogs & Galleries
    Pro Blog Design
    8 tips from a blog designer for laying out a photoblog or photo gallery with navigation and usability in mind.
  • Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed – The Good Kind of Threesome
    Technical overview of the three elements of exposure in photography — what they are, how they're used, and a discussion of the trade-offs for each element.
  • Wanna Get Your Gear Stolen or Damaged While Traveling? Don’t Read This.
    6 ways to keep your gear happy, safe and sound during your travels.
  • FlickrFan: A Heads-Up For License Conscious Flickr Photographers
    A discussion of a new application and how it deals with image licensing. The discussion in the comments is filled with great stuff.
  • Are you smarter than your camera? 5 ways to prove it
    If you always shoot fully automatic, in the program mode, try a few of these suggestions next time you are shooting.
  • 20 More Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Angle
    What's the most critical element to taking amazing photographs? One device has been at the heart of producing some of the funniest and strangest pictures around: proper angle. Sorted into three categories, here are 20 awesome perfectly angled photographs!
  • Great Olan Mills Photos
    List Of The Day
    Ridiculously funny stuff. Really terrible portraits from studios like Olan Mills and Sears, and the author's commentary is just the icing on the cake.
  • Videos of the Week — I love street photography. This first video is an educational piece. The second is an inspirational piece from Felix Lupa (also on Flickr). The good street photos make you smile; the best ones make you laugh.