Link Roundup 07-07-07

  • Mark Story Photography — Living In Three Centuries
    Amazing portrait photography project. A must see.
  • Fredrik Ödman Photography
    Amazingly screwed up and beautiful images.
  • How To Photograph Dragonflies @ Wonderful Photos
    Dragonflies are very photogenic and easily approachable once you understand their behavior. This article features an in-depth tutorial to shooting dragonflies and a collection of fantastic photos.
  • Photographic Lights And Lighting @ Food Photography Blog
    Lights are tools to be used by photographers to create their final products. There are many different kinds of lights, but this article deals with those light sources related to studio strobe lighting.
  • The Discipline Of Composing Full Frame @ Beyond The Obvious
    There's an aesthetic discipline in photography which has all but dropped off the radar these days. It's to make your composition in camera using the full available frame and keep that through to the final print without any cropping.
  • 5 Ways To Make Your Texture Photos Pop! @ Goldengod
    Highlighting an important photographic element such as lighting, composition, or subject matter can make your photo attract attention. One of the most commonly overlooked elements you can focus on is texture.