Photographers’ Needs & Camera Controls

What Do Photographers NEED?

The Online Photographer has published his list of What Photographers Need. The list of 8 is made up mostly of cameras that most serious photographers would love to get their hands on. The only problem is that they don't exist… yet. The one that's close to my personal interests is #6: A higher-end Sony equivalent of the Konica Minolta 7D. I have a 7D, and I love it. I've heard the same from nearly everybody that owns one. Ever since the Sony A100 (equivalent of the Maxxum 5D) came out, I've been ranting that they need to get the 7D-equivalent out there. I even emailed Sony about this a couple of times… never did hear back.

Aperture and Shutter Speed Video Tutorials

On February 27th I posted 6 Tips for Controlling Depth of Field, and on February 28th I posted a link to a Depth of Field Video Tutorial. The following videos by BestPhotoLessonsCom are yet another extension to my original post on the 27th. This first video goes over lens aperture, and he uses an actual lens to show the effects of changing apertures.

This next video goes over shutter speed, but this time he uses an actual camera to demonstrate the effects of changing shutter speeds. I have to point out though, there is a mistake in the video. At one point he says that moving from 1/25 seconds to 1/250 seconds effectively lets half as much light into the camera. Not true. Moving from 1/25 seconds to 1/50 seconds effectively lets half as much light into the camera. Moving from 1/25 seconds to 1/250 seconds actually lets 1/10 as much light into the camera rather than 1/2 as much. Visit the Wikipedia if you want to learn more about Aperture and Shutter Speed.

Photo of the Day…


Photo by Brian Auer
02/25/07 Three Bridges, NJ
Graffiti under the bridge
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 EX DC HSM
15mm equiv * f/4 * 1/30s * ISO100