Image Doctors & Picture Poppers

Advice From the Doctors

The Nikonians site gives a download link to an audio file in their post called “The Image Doctors #32“.  It's an MP3 file that's almost an hour long, but there's some pretty good stuff in there.  The main topics are sensor cleaning, vacation photo workflow, color management and monitor calibration, and memory cards.  If you've got an hour to burn, it's definitely worth a listen.

REALLY Simple Photoshop Tips

The Digital Photography School posted some quick-tips on Photoshop editing techniques in “4 Easy Photoshop Techniques to Make Your Pictures Pop!“.  These are super-simple things that you can do in about 5 minutes and they'll add a great effect to your photo.  The 4 tips include blur overlay, background filter, neon glow, and easy blur.  The two tips on blurring effects are very very good.  They don't make the photo look abnormal, but they add such a nice mood to the photo.  Check it out, they have some sample shots in the post.

Photo of the Day…

Autumn Waterfall

Photo by Brian Auer
10/07/06 Delaware Water Gap, NJ
Small waterfall on a creek feeding the Delaware
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
195mm equiv * f/16 * 2.0s * ISO100