Link Roundup 03-15-2008

WAY too many good things out there this week! Here's a sample:

  • Lighting Gear Week
    Photoshop Insider
    A great series on lighting equipment, how to use this stuff, when to use it, and other lighting options. Scott Kelby covers different topics on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.
  • Feeling Adventurous?
    Don't you hate it when you're out enjoying some outdoor sports and you wish you had your camera? Here are some tips to get you a little more comfortable with taking your camera along.
  • Photo Creativity Experiment – A Walking Stick Camera
    My Camera World
    Great idea for getting photos with an interesting perspective — from the ground.
  • Photography 101 – Light and the Pinhole Camera
    digital Photography School
    A great introduction to light and how cameras record information. Neil steps through the basics of a pinhole camera to set the stage for more great tutorials to come.
  • “Evening Blues” – A Cool Photoshop Tutorial
    Digital Pro Talk
    A great video tutorial from David Ziser on how to use several basic Photoshop tools for correcting tone and color balances between specific areas of an image.
  • When to Use Exposure Compensation
    Beyond Megapixels
    A good primer on exposure compensation, what it does, and when to use it.
  • 7 Signs That You Should be a Professional Photographer
    If you're having thoughts of becoming a professional photographer, here are some signs that you might be on the right track.
  • Nude photography 101: Photographing your girlfriend
    A few nude photography tips for both entry level photographers and entry level models.
  • The Wonderful World of Early Photography
    A really neat history lesson in photography! It's great to see just how far we've come along!
  • Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Studio Buildout
    Chase Jarvis Blog
    4000 photos of studio building adventure. Check out the evolution of the Chase Jarvis studio. Check it out below.