The 70-200mm lens, self portrait photography, what inspires you and more…

In one of our articles from around the web today is the question – What inspires us? For us it is photography and here we have some great articles covering all things photography including the 70-200mm lens and why you should have one, the best aperture for portraits, pet photography, self portraiture and more for your inspiration.

So let's get into it.

Why Every Photographer Needs a 70-200mm Lens – Perfect is many situations, you'll find the 70-200mm lens in every professional photographer's camera bag. And here is an article on why you should have the 70-200 in your camera bag as well.

What inspires us – A great question. Many things can inspire us or challenge us to think in creative ways everyday. Exploration, reading, looking at more images from your favourite artist, all of this can spark you to create. So, obviously do more of these activities that inspire you

brown french bulldog wearing yellow shirt
Photo by Karsten Winegeart

This Smartphone Makes Pet Photography Easier Than Ever – Pet photography is increasing in popularity all the time, especially since we have our smartphones on-hand to quickly capture our furry family members. This piece provides you with tips and techniques to capture pets with your smartphone. .

What’s the Best Aperture for Portraits? – This articles goes into detail about what is the best aperture for portraits and breaks the subject down by different apertures for different types of portraits.

green pine trees covered with snow
Photo by andrei toader

Backcountry Ski Photography – Photographing in the backcountry can be equal parts frustrating and exhilarating. However, when all the elements come together and you get the shot you envisioned, it makes it all worthwhile.

How to Use Lightroom’s Color Wheels To Grade Your Photos Beautifully – Lightroom's Color Wheels are found in a new section of the Develop Module called Color Grading. They replace the older, more limited Split Toning tools. Here's an article on how to use these color wheels

Photo by Md Mahdi

The ultimate guide to self-portrait photography – For many photographers, self-portraiture represents a rite of passage. It’s where they cut their teeth and learn the fundamentals of light and exposure. Of course, some never stop; for these artists, self-portraiture can become a lifelong passion and a touchstone for future work. If you are interested in this genre of photography, then take a look at this ultimate guide to self-portrait photography.

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