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Photo by Benjamin Balázs
Photo by Benjamin Balázs

Here are your weekly highlights from what you missed from the photography world!


Nikon Z6 Started Shipping

Not so long ago (basically around Photokina), Nikon announced their mirrorless camera systems. The brand new Z6 started shipping on November 16th, and it has a price tag of $2K, and yup, you guessed it, body only.

This is a full-frame mirrorless camera, and with all these new interesting non-DSLR systems, we are closer to reaching a new era without DSLR cameras. The new camera features the new Z mount as we already heard about in September, and it has a 273-Point on-sensor phase detect AF system, which is pretty neat. Oh, and it ships in 1 to 2 months

Lume Cube is the Most Portable Light Ever

Even if you love natural light like me, there are certain situations that require some extra lighting aid. The Lume Cube Air is an affordable and lightweight light source for vloggers and documentary photographers. This small thingy features a LED light balanced at 5700K and is $69.95.

Fujifilm announced new firmware

If you own a GFX-50S, am X-T3 or an X-H1 (or all of them…), then you should take a look at Fujifilm's latest firmware release. Check them out here, and remember to always follow their instructions in order to avoid turning your camera into an expensive yet good-looking brick.

There is a Fresh Review on the Newest Fujifilm's Fujinon 200mm F/2

Perhaps $6,000 could sound extremely high for some photographers, but for certain professional applications, this might be really interesting to invest in. Take a look at Matt Granger's review, and find out if this could be a good investment for you as a sport or wildlife photographer.


Flickr in the Spotlight

After publishing their new rules, Flickr got some attention fast last week. Their new 1000 photo limit for free accounts came as a surprise when it was announced, but they said these new rules won't affect the archives of Non-profit groups (yet).

There is a New Place for Marketing Gear

Gear Offer is the newest online market for both buying and selling second-handed gear. A lot of photographers treat their gear with extreme care, after all, they are their precious and beloved cameras and lenses. They have some really awesome deals, and they got a pricing tool that comes in hand if you are uncertain about the value of your gear.


Peter Davidson: photographer of the week at 1X

1X is still a pretty solid place to find talented photographers. This week they showcased the work of Peter Davidson, a photographer passionate about life. Click here to take a look at his images and a very interesting interview.

Where Are the Heavyweights?

Medium format is always seductive for all photographers. Last week we read this article about some of the most iconic medium format cameras from the film era. Take a look at it, perhaps you can stumble onto one or two of these jewels in the near future if you pay enough attention to your surroundings and the web.

Tentacles by Flavia Diaco

A nice fine art portrait by Flavia Diaco can be seen at her 500px profile. There is a thing about sea life and portraits that works well in photography. Oh, and speaking of 500px, they got their feed redesigned to be more exposure effective.

Sophia Flörsch Crashed Horribly Into A Photographers’ Box

During the Macau Grand Prix on November 18th, Sophia Flörsch, a 17-year-old Formula 3 driver suffered a horrible accident. We are happy that she survived nearly intact, but this was perhaps one of the most horrifying crashes in the recent history of race cars. You can see various videos and a tweet by her on this post by Petapixel. We hope she recovers in no time, and we will see her up and running again soon.


Photobooks by Women

In this new photobook anthology and touring exhibition, women take center stage where historically their importance has been ignored. How we see, Photobooks by Women. If you get the chance to see it in person, it will be an amazing experience. Nothing beats viewing photographs in their physical form.


Dizzying Heights: Vertical Tourism in China

China is nuts with their vertical tourism, just check this out and you'll see we are right about it.

The Week in Photos, Metal Bull, First Snow, Raging Wildfires

With so many photographs being published each day, we truly believe that photojournalism needs to be seen in a special and more dedicated way. Here are some of the most striking photos from journalists scattered all over the globe.