Image Keyworder Releases ‘Alamy’ Upgrade

Hey, remember the folks behind the Image Keyworder software we mentioned a while back? They've been working on some upgrades to their software, and the biggest change has to do with Alamy contributors. Check out what they had to say in their latest press release.

Singapore, May 29th 2008 – OnAsia has announced the release of a significant upgrade to its Windows-based Image Keyworder software. The new version, currently available at, includes a customized ‘Alamy Mode’ for users submitting images to the UK-based photo agency

The new functionality for Alamy contributors means that Image Keyworder is currently the only commercially available software that has been tailor designed to accommodate the specific annotation requirements of Alamy. The tool enables Alamy contributors to work on batches of images; speeding up the workflow for getting their images online.

“When Alamy announced that it was changing its metadata requirements a few months ago, we saw an opportunity to customize our Image Keyworder tool for a very specific group of users,” explained Yvan Cohen, Director at OnAsia. “Alamy was extremely supportive throughout this process and we now hope that their contributors will see the benefits of the customized functionality we are providing for them,” he added.

“Throughout the development of Image Keyworder we have aimed to create a tool that is tailored closely to the needs of digital photographers faced with the challenge of indexing their images and submitting to online agencies,” said Mr. Cohen.

One of the most comprehensive and competitively priced keywording programs on the market, Image Keyworder comes bundled with a thesaurus comprising over 40,000 terms, including synonyms, alternate forms, spelling variations and singulars and plurals. The thesaurus is continually being enriched and updated to ensure that users have access to a growing pool of terms.

“The thesaurus function means that with a single click you can add several relevant terms to an image. It’s much easier and faster than keywording manually,” explained Mr Cohen.

Having grown out of OnAsia’s experience as a professional keywording service, Image Keyworder also offers users a number of features aimed at combining comprehensive keywording with productivity. Groups of images can be processed in batches, templates can be created and saved for repeat image types and keywords can be selectively added and removed from sets of images.

Image Keyworder can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial from The trial includes full functionality and access to Image Keyworder’s comprehensive built-in thesaurus.

An Image Keyworder license for two computers costs just US$ 79.99 including a 12-month thesaurus subscription valued at US$ 39.99.

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